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PROPHETIC WORD: The Great & Powerful Warrior Bride Emerges

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

The Great and Powerful Warrior Bride Emerges

Over a period of a few months or so, the Lord began speaking to me about His Bride. Little by little, a picture of His Bride began to emerge in my mind. Then one day, He was ready for me to release His heart for her. I will say that He is moved by her! She is not just a bride, but she has many functions and all of them as of late, seemed to be surrounding the spiritual battle realm. The Great & powerful Warrior Bride emerges in the earth!

We Cannot Forget He is a Mighty Warrior

While that did not surprise me, really, that the Bride had function in the spiritual realm, I was taken aback by the Lord’s warrior mentality. He is a mighty warrior! How can we forget that? It is laced heavily within His person.

May none of us ever never forget that. His justice and righteousness within Himself dictate that fact! As His Warrior Bride emerges in the earth, she will mirror that same warrior mentality. She is a warrior too.

We Cannot Forget He is a Mighty Warrior

We must prepare, Church, for what our King asks of us. Many believers are still asleep, unaware of, or too enamored in the flesh to know or even care how to prepare.

Many have difficulty believing what He has clearly put forth in His word. We must change. We must remember this world is not our home.

He has a use for those He has paid for with His very lifeblood. Let’s humble ourselves and prepare. Here is what He spoke to me. I pray it encourages you and motivates you to be about His business too.

This is the first of three words He has given me about the warrior Bride. If you have missed them, check them out! Let’s not forget, also, that His return is very soon.

The Lord’s Message About His Powerful Warrior Bride Emerging

My Church,

I am building a mighty army right now–My warrior Bride. She has special skills for My use in warfare–just like a special Ops team in the military. The crown of any husband is a woman of valor. My Bride knows how to handle herself and doesn’t back down. She goes where and when I release her to, and she handles all things well.

The Lord’s Message About His Powerful Warrior Bride Emerging

She is also righteous and rested in Me, complementing me, and mirrors who I Am. Right now, I am training her in higher levels of warfare. Many are spies in the Spirit, gathering intelligence about the enemy and His operations. She then reports back to the Body for intercession.

She is Submitted, Trained, Tested, & Tender

My Bride is trained, tested, brave, and enduring pain that others would draw back from. Because she knows who she is in Me and to Me, she is conquering. Like many of you, she is undergoing and overcoming in her own fight for freedom in Me. Others may back down from serving when it costs them something, but she seeks to lighten the suffering of others and show them the way to Me even if it costs her pain.

Those who back down will miss their chance to overcome by trying to preserve themselves. I have no pleasure in those who set their minds on the flesh. (Romans 8:7-8) (2 Corinthians 5:15) These individuals have allowed their love of Me to grow cold and also their love for others.

Her Love is Powerfully Active

The warrior Bride is powerful because she understands love is power! My Church, I see those in my camp whittling down. I say that there is glorious reward for those who lay down their own comforts for My purposes. I shall crown them in substantial victory!

Are You in Unbelief? Examine Yourselves

I see many with hearts of unbelief right now. This is not the time to be in unbelief! In fact, unbelief should have no place within you at all. Many require deliverance from an unbelieving heart! Check yourselves. Do you believe My word for your circumstances? The Promises are ME. Do you believe Me? My promises are powerful and have the ability to deliver you constantly. Your faith, combined with my promises, are extremely powerful in the spiritual realm. They are automatically ‘yes’. There is nothing else more powerful. Using them is a key to receiving what you need, and it builds your faith for more.

Are You in Unbelief? Examine Yourselves

Creating Strongholds of Faith

There is so much to this, ‘more’, but it has the power to create a stronghold of faith. You have heard of evil strongholds that are powerful, but you can create a powerful stronghold of righteousness as you press in to actively believe me and agree with me through my promises in prayer. Yes, pray my promises for your circumstances! I stress to you now not to negate those promises through unbelief. This is the same reason those in the desert missed the promise of eternal rest. (Hebrews 3:7-19) Unbelief is not your portion, Church. Romans 4:3 says this:

“Listen to what the Scriptures say: Because Abraham believed God’s words, his faith transferred God’s righteousness into his account.” Romans 4:3 TPT

What Do You Believe? Choose Victory!

Let Abraham’s example be yours. Allow your faith in My Word to transfer My righteousness into your account. He simply believed what I told Him. You are righteous through your faith in Me. There is such a deficiency in the Church of this very thing. What do you believe? Rise up, Church! Allow your faith to be your testimony of righteousness.

What Do You Believe? Choose Victory!

I am trying repeatedly to get your attention! I cannot stress enough that this is the time to press into My Word! Doing this will create a long-lasting impact, or legacy, in eternity of your life in Heaven. What do you want to be known for in Heaven? You bear My Name and have been sealed by My spirit. You are Mine! Victory is your birthright! Take my words to heart. They are life and victory to you. As my Great & Powerful Warrior Bride emerging, your victory is your joy and reward; therefore, It is also Mine! Believe!

For Further Investigation About the Bride

God has glorious plans for His Bride! These words from the Lord are for you to awaken to His call in your life as the Bride & Body of Christ. Rest assured; this site will help you find what you need to burn for Jesus! Walking in the Spirit daily and learning how to grow in intimacy with the Lord daily are critical right now. Take a look around and get started! I am praying your search and growth are nothing short of fruitful!

Let your purpose be found in the fiery pursuit of His heart.

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