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Praying the Promises: How to Become the Bridegroom’s Promise Land

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

How to become the Bridegroom's Promise

The Sound of the Bridegroom's Voice

“Your loving words are like the honeycomb to me, your tongue releases milk and honey. For I find the promised land flowing within you. The fragrance of your worshipping love surrounds you with scented robes of white.” Song of Solomon 4:11 TPT

The footnotes: Both the promised land and your heart flow with milk and honey. You have become the promised land of Jesus Christ.


Is there something pulling on your heart that seems impossible to achieve without God’s intervention? Is God drawing you into a place of receiving ‘more’ with him? He desires very much that we would contend with him in prayer. How do we do this? It is the process of bringing something that is not into existence. It is a lot like birthing. One minute a baby isn’t and then it is! This is the idea of birthing the promises. Each promise in God’s word is teeming with possibility. They are potential life that we can use to bring something into existence because His Word says we can!

The Lord Desires Our Partnership

God wants us to remind him of His promises found in His Word in prayer and to be birthing or using those promises in prayer to birth whatever you are asking for into the natural. Again, “Birthing” just means bringing the thing you are praying for into reality through prayer.

The word says that all of his promises in him are ‘yes’ and ‘amen!’ That’s already a ‘yes’ for something you may be asking Him for that He would agree with. (2 Corinthians 1:20 CJB).

In partnering with him, we can birth his plans and purposes into the earth. It’s not that he forgets His own promises, but he wants to know if we value and love them too. If we do, we will internalize them in our minds and hearts; for his promises are Him!

The Lord Desires Our Partnership

Now, if you do not know if He would want what you are asking for, then search the scriptures for more wisdom before you begin. Praying with scripture is powerful and a very effective way to bring answers to your prayers.

The Lord also desires to come into agreement with you in order to see the birthing with promises of God and their fulfillment. How do we go about doing this, and how do we participate to become the promised land of Christ? Where do we begin?

The Bride Looks Ahead to the Joy Set Before Her

The scripture above comes from the Song of Solomon, where the Bride has just decided she is willing to fellowship with the Bridegroom King in His sufferings, in order to be with him. For all the joy she has found in him, she now feels it is worth enduring pain to be with the one her heart loves.

It is the first time in the story where the Shulamite is officially called the Bride. She has made up her mind and can’t live without him by her side. She decides that whatever he asks of her; he is worthy to have in her.

The Bridegroom gushes, telling her what he sees in her. By telling her he sees ‘the promised land and her heart flowing with milk and honey’ signals to her she is marriage material, for she has become his promised land!

Praying the Promises Builds Our Relationship with Our Bridegroom

This is the joy we have as the Bride of Christ to know our Bridegroom-King well. We get to know him by his living word and both trusting him, and believing his promises are true for us. He desires we know him by taking him at his word by faith. Birthing the promises of God helps us stretch our faith muscles and know him at a deeper level as we see our promises manifest.

By birthing with the promises (His vision) in the earthly realm, we become his promised land by participating in a type of work or suffering with Him. How is this done exactly and how does one birth the promises of the Lord? Let’s take a deeper look together at how this is done.

We Birth with the Promises of God to Mirror Jesus

It all starts with Isaiah 7:14 TPT and the prophetic announcement of the messiah’s birth. Verse 14 reads:

“The Lord Himself will give you a sign. Behold—the virgin will conceive and give birth to a son and will name him God Among us.” Isaiah 7:14 TPT

The footnotes for verse 14 come next. It talks about a sign of Christ’s birth. It is referring to the virgin birth and the footnote states that it’s also a reference to the Bride of Christ.

Something it also mentions is a new nature that was about to be planted in the soil of humanity. Immanuel is a term for this new life coming down out of heaven. It will begin as a man and soon become a company of men and women. Immanuel is the partnership of heaven and earth, God and humanity.

This passage explodes with revelation! Recently, the Lord has been asking us as his church to pray the promises of his word now. I have been seeing the letter Aleph in the Hebrew alphabet a lot from day to day. It is akin to our letter ‘A’ in our alphabet. It means “chief”.

Get this: it also represents the oneness of God and man into a divine partnership. This speaks of our Bridegroom, wanting very much to partner with his Bride to bring his promises to the earth!

Next, we see in v.15:

“He shall eat curds and honey when he knows how to refuse the evil and choose the good.” Isaiah 7:15 ESV

According to the footnotes of verse 15, this coming son will have the kingdom promises as his diet. (John 4:32) Milk and honey represent the promised land, where God fulfills all His promises. Jesus is the only One who has fulfilled the Father’s desires. Why is this important? Keep reading!

Jesus Knew the Benefits of Knowing the Promises of God

Jesus Knew the Benefits of Knowing the Promises of God

The Passion translation mentions 3 key things that Jesus learned by feeding on the promises and I included my summation in parentheses in italics:

  • Feeding on the promises enabled Jesus to know the right/wrong path (God’s will)

  • The Word of God dwelling in Him allowed Him to resist evil (Renewed mind)

  • Continued resisting evil and the Word dwelling in Him came from feeding on Truth. (Strength to overcome evil in the spiritual realm)

If the promises of God taught Jesus the good from the bad, brought Him victory in finding God’s will, renewing His mind, and strength to overcome evil in the spiritual realm, shouldn’t we want to emulate our Bridegroom? After all, if we truly love Him, we will want to bring Him joy.

Nothing gives Him more joy than a sparkling bride taking His words to heart, believing them, trusting them, allowing them to change her, and bringing His heart’s plans into this world. That is heaven to Him.

So, What Are the Promises?

The promises are simply scripture passages that God has given to us in His word that promise us something if we do something. We find the promises all over the Bible. Nearly any book in the Bible can contain a promise. It is that simple. However, finding one that you can use for yourself to claim or ‘stand on’ is part of the bigger challenge.

Digging In is Key

You will need to dig a little in order to find what you need for your situation and allow the Holy Spirit to highlight certain passages to you when you are looking. A Bible concordance and or an exhaustive concordance, and a simple Google search can sometimes be a quick solution for searching.

Digging In is Key

Keep in mind that internet searches may not always pull up what you are looking for. I end up having to search quite a bit more that way. I usually stumble on quite a few when I’m not even directly looking for them!

“God conceals the revelation of his word in the hiding place of his glory. But the honor of kings is revealed by how they thoroughly search out the deeper meaning of all that God says.” Proverbs 25:2 TPT

This scripture is very true. The amount of quality searching you invest in finding those promises in the Bible, committing your searches to the Lord, the more revelation you will find. It is so fulfilling to find an amazing promise stuck in a book of the Bible that maybe you have never have fully read. It’s very much like a holy scavenger hunt, and the Holy Spirit is leading you along to find them!

How Shall We Birth with the Promises of God?

What Are You Hoping to Receive? Is It in Keeping with God’s Heart?

Before we dive into that question, we need to evaluate what we are hoping to receive through them. When I say stand, I simply mean claim them for myself and pray them in faith before the Lord. What are you hoping to receive to pray the promises? Is it found in God’s word? If not, you will need to re-evaluate your hopes before birthing with the promises of God.

As we pray promises in, our thoughts renew as we memorize those very promises. It changes our thinking to align with the word of God. Here’s an example of one promise we might decide to pray:

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4 NIV

This is a great promise! If I think I am delighting in the Lord, I cannot hope to think that I would be the most beautiful person at my 20th High School reunion, lol. This is a silly example, but I think you get the message. If, however, I am delighting myself in the Lord and I hope to have the finances for a new fridge or a new vehicle that I need, that my friends, is a brilliant use of this promise.

An Example of Birthing with the Promises of God

It might seem like these things feel trivial to you. You might feel that the God of the Universe would want you to choose loftier things than this to pray in. You would be wrong. Things like these are His delight to supply.

God wants us to look to Him in everything, even material things. He wants us to see him as our provider, because he is. Isn’t he a good and faithful husband? 2 Peter 1:3 CJB gives us further info:

God’s power has given us everything we need for life and godliness

“God’s power has given us everything we need for life and godliness, through our knowing the One who called us to his own glory and goodness.” 2 Peter 1:3 CJB 2 Peter 1:3 CJB

Sample Prayer to Birth a Promise

So, if I wanted to pray Psalm 37:4 for finances for a new car that I needed, I would pray:

“Lord, my King, my heart delights in your goodness and friendship. I have enjoyed finding you, and I thank you for all you have given me! I declare that as I have delighted myself in you, you supply the funds I need to pay for the car I need. Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness to your word. In Jesus’ Name!”

You don’t have to say it just like I did but say it in your own way. I will say this though, if your intentions aren’t perfect (or maybe if you aren’t sure), then pursuing the Lord in the secret place will change your heart. He will help you word it better, I promise you! So don’t be shy about just going for it. He is tender and faithful to help you when your heart is in the right place with Him.

Birthing Will Cost You Something

Birthing with the promises of God can sometimes be a laborious process. It is not always easy, and you will have to be persistent and faithful to pray. It can be painful and downright exhausting.

Just like any pregnant woman has to endure the months of pregnancy first and then go through the birthing, you will have to as well as you are birthing with the promises of God. It is a little different for everyone, but it will take work and diligent warring for whatever you are praying for.

The enemy of your soul does not want you to receive from God because it will cause your faith for the supernatural to soar. His goal is to wear you out and dishearten your efforts well before the allotted time of birth. So, do not give up!

Sometimes, if you don’t act on promises that the Lord gives you himself, the enemy can come in and steal the promise from you altogether! Don’t let Him succeed! You’ll need to bathe it in prayer to call it forth, but then pray for its protection until it manifests as well.

What About Destiny and Birthing?

Well, friends, what we discussed above was birthing, but stated very simplistically, to help you understand how to pray the promises. Praying those prayers faithfully until you see it manifest is birthing! You are using your words with scripture to create, and you put angels on assignment. They respond to the words of our mouth when scripture is within it. We can also call things forth that are not as though they were, according to Hebrews 11:1-3.

A Word About God’s Timing

Another thing we must remember in our pursuit of birthing with the promises of God is to pray first for God’s timing for the birthing before we begin our praying (or warring) for something. It is wise to wait and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit so that we aren’t praying out of season. Doing it out of season will simply wear us out prematurely.

A Word About God’s Timing

Many a person has forgotten this step, and they become disappointed in the outcome. Nothing could be more devastating to our faith than diligently praying, but never receiving the promise. Don’t let that be you! Make the time to invest in pressing into the Lord for the correct timing to pray in that promise.

Other Things We Can Birth

There are many more things we can birth within the promises, such as prophetic words (1 Timothy 1:18), our destiny, calling, passions of ours, ministry, healing, hope, a child, God’s provision, his Presence, etc. Prophetic words themselves help to call the Word forth into the natural realm. I can’t even mention all those things in this post, so a new post may be forthcoming to address these things.

Travailing Prayer

God Himself sometimes gives us a burden of his heart that he wants us to pray for. It may cause us great groaning and crying as we pray for it. This is a travailing prayer.

Travailing prayer is emotionally expressive and a very intense type of prayer, just like labor pains can be that would come over a pregnant woman. It is also a type of prayer that is useful for birthing in the promises of God. Several people in the Bible knew how to use it:

How Does this Mean the Bride Has Become Her Beloved’s Promise Land?

Experiencing God’s goodness, knowing and finding he is Who he says he is, faithfully true, IS part of the promised land. Any time you receive the promised thing by birthing the promises of God through prayer, and it was not, and now ‘is’ IS the promised land. This is the land of the impossible, where our faith is renewed, and what is promised is received!

The Bride that knows her husband and both trusts and believes in His word as truth will know how to birth the Lord’s promises. This delights our beloved Bridegroom more than we could truly ever know. His Bride is conforming to his likeness and going from glory to glory with him. She perseveres in prayer and her very person is changing while praying in the promises.

The Bride is strong and performs exploits for his glory. (Daniel 11:32) She’s conditioned, diligent, devoted, trusting, and desires his heart in her own life and in the lives of others. These things are the ‘promised land’ of the Lord and are part of the bride’s loving character to present to the Lord for his pleasure and glory.

How Does this Mean the Bride Has Become Her Beloved’s Promise Land?


How about you? Are you ready to birth the promises of God? Are you passionately moved by things in the world, or do you have needs that seem impossible to achieve of your own volition? Has God given you a prayer burden? These are all signs of an invitation of the Almighty to partner with him to bring about his heart into the world through birthing with the promises of God.

This is not for the faint of heart, I assure you, but there is no greater joy than knowing you helped usher in his glory within the earth. It is only for those who are passionate and believe the best about their King. Endurance is so important in this process. Don't give up in the process! May God find you faithful as you birth your promises with Jesus into the earth for His glory and your ultimate joy!

“…As a result of this, he has given you magnificent promises that are beyond all price, so that through the power of these tremendous promises we can experience partnership with the divine nature, by which you have escaped the corrupt desires that are of the world.” 2 Peter 1:4 TPT

Birthing and praying in the promises only come through a devotion and passion for the Lord to keep you when it becomes difficult. He usually starts that passion himself in you! He delights in you, his Bride, and he calls to you now to know his heart in the secret place and call forth his miraculous promises into the earth. Will you accept his invitation of love and devotion?

Let your purpose be found in the fiery pursuit of His heart.

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