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Azusa Street Today: Preface Before the Next Outpouring (Part 1)

Updated: Feb 16

(Written Originally December 2023)

The Lord Used the Word 'Azusa'

The Lord spoke to me several weeks ago about an outpouring that was right before us. When He mentioned the word “Azusa” to me I got excited! I have been praying for God to send an outpouring (aka revival) of His Spirit for 10 years or more. So, when He spoke of a revival He intends to send with the name ‘Azusa’ attached to I knew it would be nothing short of a miracle in the making!

If you aren’t aware of this famous outpouring of the spirit in history, and what it brought into the world, I will share some of the highlights of it here. Understanding this outpouring is critical because God is the same yesterday and forever! It will give us keys as to how He will move in the incoming outpouring too! (See the next in this series here.)

Azusa in the Beginnings

Many supernatural wonders occurred during the Azusa Street revival. This outpouring began denominations, started numerous missions worldwide, and was the catalyst to move God’s hand in mighty acts of God in the earth. It was a wonder of God's goodness, poured out because of a group of people who dared to obey God's voice and thus allow God to birth something supernatural into the natural. As a result, the history of the Church in the nations was influenced forever.

It all began April 14, 1906, in Los Angeles, California, when a black Pentecostal pastor by the name of William Seymour began preaching in an impoverished African American part of town, in an old shack that had been many things, the last of which was a horse stable.

An unlikely group of people came together to head it all up. Whites, blacks, immigrants, male, & female all were a part of organizing and starting it up in a time where intermingling of races and the different sexes was frowned upon and shunned. These meetings took place night and day for 3 years. 

Azusa on the Inside

In the meetings, worship and preaching occurred mostly, but sometimes just praying took place. The attendees were known for shouting, speaking in tongues, wailing, moaning, dancing, and otherwise being filled with the Holy Spirit. No music was played, only accapella voices. There was no choir as angels had been heard in the Spirit frequently during services. No offerings were taken, no signs to announce it, and no church organization backed it.

All who entered the place and who were in tune with God seemed to understand that the Holy Ghost was the leader of every meeting. People began being slain in the Spirit and falling under the weight of glory. In subsequent meetings healings were breaking out and more and more people came to see what was happening from all walks of life and denominations. 

Foreigners were also coming and hearing their own languages being spoken! As visitors would arrive outside, they would be overcome by the power of God and not be able to move. The entire city took notice and was stirred by what was happening there! It was truly an ongoing scene straight out of Acts chapter 2:

"When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place, and suddenly a sound came from heaven like a rushing violent wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting.  There appeared to them tongues resembling fire, which were being distributed [among them], and they rested on each one of them [as each person received the Holy Spirit]. And they were all filled [that is, diffused throughout their being] with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues (different languages), as the Spirit was giving them the ability to speak out [clearly and appropriately].
 Now there were Jews living in Jerusalem, devout and God-fearing men from every nation under heaven. And when this sound was heard, a crowd gathered, and they were bewildered because each one was hearing those in the upper room speaking in his own language or dialect. They were completely astonished, saying, “Look! Are not all of these who are speaking Galileans? Then how is it that each of us hears in our own language or native dialect? ...we all hear them speaking in our [native] tongues about the mighty works of God!” Acts 2:1-8, 11-12 AMP

The Ingredient that Moved God's Heart in the Azusa Street Outpourings

 The Azusa Street meetings did much more than cause a stir in the city in which it took place. It did more than ignite the Charismatic and Pentecostal movements around the world. It did more than start 50 new missions worldwide. Azusa was an outpouring by the hand of God when people dared to obey God and seek Him. Their faith moved the heart of God. As a result, He demonstrated His heart in signs and wonders. Faith, obedience, and the Word of God spoken are always a spark plug of supernatural activity and the flow of the Holy Spirit!

 God delighted to do all of it through obedient individuals who were in perfect unity of heart, mind, and prayer in the Holy Ghost. It made no difference who they were. They, themselves were nothing special in man’s estimation. God shook this city and got the nations’ attention. It's like the roar of heaven announced that day was, "See what I will do when you dare to believe?!"

Unbelief in the Move of God

After the supernatural happenings started to unfold, many witnesses and onlookers dismissed and ignored what they couldn’t explain and what they thought was outrageous behavior. All were invited to attend (because none were prevented from coming), but not all wanted the invitation because it looked outlandish. Indeed, it must have looked outlandish! They were afraid of something they couldn’t explain. May we never miss a move of the Spirit in our midst because it doesn't look like we expect it to!

The Effect of the Spiritual Realm on the Natural

Four days after the Azuza Street outpouring began, on April 18, 1906, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 hit the city. It was described as the “roar of 10, 000 lions” occurring just after 5AM. After the quake a massive fire broke out and continued to burn for 4 days; eventually being put out by rain.

More than 500 city blocks (4 sq miles) were leveled. It destroyed 28,000 buildings, and the property value loss was estimated at $350 million. 

In scripture, we see a surprising parallel with moves of the Spiritual realm. I will say it briefly here but will elaborate more in subsequent posts. Anytime, there is a move of the Spirit, especially with great magnitude, there seems to be a resultant response in the natural realm. I will give a few examples here:

  • Jesus on the cross = Earthquake, darkness at noon = Luke 23:44

  • Paul in chains worshipping in jail, & the area was shaken = Acts 16:26

  • The believers in the upper room & a rushing wind, tongues of fire = Acts 2:1-4

  • The disciples watch Jesus calm a storm and are amazed = Matt 8:27

  • Elijah and fire from Heaven consuming the wet sacrifice = 1 Kings 18:38

If this is true, then this would at least partially explain the reason for the earthquake and the fire that came upon San Francisco after the Azusa Street outpouring. Is this a coincidence? I don't know. But it certainly should cause us to be aware, prayerful, and watchful as Christians. Jesus created the world that we know and everything in it. He controls the universe. The Holy Spirit is His very breath. The scriptures also speak of His breath causing weather patterns. ( See (Job 37:9-10, Jeremiah 10:13 for examples.) I don't think this is a coincidence at all!

The Aftermath of Azusa

The Azusa Street Revivals will forever be an example of hearts in union with God, acting in obedience. Those individuals weren’t upper class, nor favored. Humbly serving their God, they simply made room for God and were in unity in mind and heart. Their faith in doing what God called them to do in the face of much opposition will always be immortalized. God loves to use the humble to do great things!

In the aftermath of the quake and fire, the survivors were in an uproar wondering if this was a sign from God for His judgement. Many Christian fliers were put out back then to communicate God’s reasonings for the quake to the people of San Francisco. Many didn’t believe it was from God. Those that did, repented.

God doesn't relish suffering for any of us, but He will still use disaster (if hearts are already bent on receiving it) to redeem those same hearts. Absolutely nothing is wasted with God. His hope is to never allow suffering. He is in the business of redeeming softened hearts. Many hearts then and right now were and are hardened. In order to hear His pleadings, our hearts must be soft. They must be moldable. We have to be willing to follow His ways. While He loves us dearly, He is still holy. There is no darkness in Him at all. 

How Can we Position Our Hearts Today like Azusa for the Next Great Outpouring?

 Azusa shows us God’s love for obedience and His willingness to act when we position ourselves, as those at the Azusa Street Mission did, in faith, obedience, and His Word. The fact that the revival happened right before the earthquake and the fire gives us an inkling of His heart for none to be lost by allowing repentance. He is loving and patient; slow to anger. We must change ourselves to be as He is. Blessing will always go hand and hand with obedience. Who knows if He would have spared the city if more had come to the saving grace of His love?

Are you listening? Where is your heart? Are you comfortable doing your own thing or are you seeking after Him with expectancy? May he find you with a heart tethered to His, seeking His face. Let’s all listen and prepare our hearts and the hearts of our families and friends. Revival is on the way, at our doorstep. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He still desires humble, obedient, hearts. When He looks at yours what will He find?


Now is the time to search His Word, decide, and prepare. Azusa today before the next outpouring is upon us. The harvest of souls is rapidly on the way. May we agree with Heaven and act upon the part we are to play in it. Pray that God will release the harvest workers into the harvest. Desperate hearts will be looking for Jesus. Will you be able to show them God? Will God be able to count you as a worker? For the Word says:

"When he saw the vast crowds of people, Jesus’ heart was deeply moved with compassion, because they seemed weary and helpless, like wandering sheep without a shepherd. He turned to his disciples and said, “The harvest is huge and ripe! But there are not enough harvesters to bring it all in. As you go, plead with the Owner of the Harvest to thrust out many more reapers to harvest his grain!” Matthew 9:36-38 TPT

God's heart is jealous for workers of the harvest. Why? Because He is jealous for hearts. He died for them, and they move His heart. He wants them to be where He is forever. As His Bride, let’s partner with our Bridegroom to bring Him what His heart rejoices in and what pleading eyes will beg for very soon. They will need love and a strong shepherd, and we know, love, and adore Him already!

This is an exciting time to be alive as a Christian! Be sure to check back often within our prophetic Words for more on the forefront! There is more there about the Warrior Bride, and God's glory. Be sure to check out the many teachings from God's heart as well. If you would like to know Christ as your Lord and Savior, don't hesitate to look here. God bless you for stopping by!


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