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Prophetic Word: God’s Very Personal Love Message to His Children

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Prophetic Word: God’s Very Personal Love Message to His Children

For those of you who need a word from the Lord today, here it is. If you need reassurance from your heavenly Father that He does love YOU, that you won’t get lost in everyone else, that He treasures you too. You aren’t alone. Very tenderly, I heard this from His heart this morning. I wasn’t planning to share it, but He had other plans in mind. Someone needs to hear this. So, if you need a hug right now, I’m sending you one in the spirit. He heard the cry of your heart. Here is God's very personal love message to His Children.

The Sentence that Woke my Heart

I woke up with this thought in my head. It seemed like a dream that I had been thinking for some time within my sleep.

“I have given all my children an important job to do, and I love them all in a special way.”

My thought was: “Of course you have, Father! Yes!”

I struggled to grab my phone to take the info down exactly as He spoke it. As I finally got it down, I pondered His words. Something began to build in my spirit. I realized then it was something that was on His heart.

The Struggle for Significance

We all struggle at times, for significance with the Father. We want to be special, known, and wanted. Our desperate hope is that He doesn’t forget about us. When eternity comes, we want to know that we truly matter to Him personally. We want to be assured that we are special to Him in what seems, to us, as a sea of people.

He is Personal to Us

This makes us feel this way because He is special to us. For most of us, God has been with us to pull us through very personal and difficult situations. Things we wouldn’t even dare discuss with another. He is there for us when no one else is.

He is our strength, our provider, our healer, and our friend. His faithfulness to us is endearing and comforting in so many different ways and seasons. (2 Timothy 2:13) He has always been that way for us. That kind of love touches us and changes us forever. Words cannot express how that kind of relationship is raw and extremely touching to each of us. He is ours…

The Barrage of Thoughts

Suddenly, thoughts seemed to come at me quickly. Who are we individually to Him? How will we rank in light of everyone else when we are all in eternity with Him? If there was a lineup of children in heaven, would He even notice if we didn’t show up to the lineup? Would He be looking for me if I wasn’t there? All these thoughts rushed my mind as if I was hearing the thoughts of many all at once.

God's Very Personal Love Message to His Children

As I thought about all of those things, I firmly and gently felt the Father’s voice resound in my ears:

“You do matter, to me, child. Very much so. There is a special place with me that only you can fill. You are unique and that special place with me was designed just for you. I know each child of mine individually and I can fully appreciate all your individuality separately because I made you. Each and every part of you.

 God's Very Personal Love Message to His Children

You are–every one— a treasure waiting for me to enjoy when you come home to me or gather in my Presence. If I made you this unique, only I could appreciate that!

I look forward to each love gift–each one of you! Never for a second do I forget any of my precious ones. I yearn with a special yearning for each one, by name, just as the creation is drawn and desired by their creator. (Revelation 4:11)

Rejoice, my children! Your Father longs for you, by name. Yes—you! You that may feel they have nothing special about them, or you who feel they have displeased me too much in your lifetime. My love for you is unfathomable; and the dimensions of my loving grace have no bounds.

You Bring Him Pleasure

My children, I long for you so I can treasure you each! Who better to enjoy you than the one who understands you completely? I never forget the works of my hands. (Isaiah 49:16) From age to age, each one of my own is mine and mine alone. You bring me great pleasure. I know how to love you and make you feel special. I also know how to care for you.

To me, heaven is not home without you. You are united with my heart for eternity. I could never forget the one my heart loves. Be at rest. Your Father loves you dearly. I am waiting with excitement to see you with Me, and always to hear your voice.

I delight in you when you are in My Presence, but also when you are not. You are always on My heart and always in my mind. Rejoice in Me and hope in Me. Your heart is Mine. This is my very personal love message to all my children.


Your Heavenly Father

God longs for you daily. Do you know this? He does! Are you spending time in the Secret Place daily? I promise you that it is totally worth the time you set aside every day to do so. Sometimes, being creative in how you approach it is all you need to do. He will draw near as you draw near to Him. (James 4:8) If you need more on how to be more creative in this, there is much available on this site to help you. My prayer is that you find the great big heart of the Father for you personally. God bless you on your journey!

Let your purpose be found in the fiery pursuit of His love.

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